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Expert FAQ on Home Foundation Crack Repair

When should I worry about a crack in my foundation? Homeowners should perform regular inspections on their foundations to identify any possible signs of trouble, from minor cracks to widening cracks or those exceeding 1/10 inch in width that warrant professional evaluation. Should any significant changes arise in your home’s foundation, do not hesitate to […]

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Structural Cracks In Your Home

Foundation cracks can be unsettling, but they don’t have to be a nightmare. Smart Foundation Solutions is here to address even the most concerning cracks in your Edmonton home. Cracks usually start on the exterior wall of the foundation. The cracks must be properly exposed and assessed to determine the source of damage. Poor construction sites, overcrowding […]

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Full Range Waterproofing Services In Edmonton

A good waterproofing system is an investment that pays off. This is not just a coat, but an entire system. The concrete foundation of a new house can be waterproofed to make it a basement. The exterior of the foundation is coated with a waterproof coating. These waterproofing coats contain rubber polymers, which allow them to waterproof cracks within […]

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Interior Weeping Tile Services

Do not let a leaking basement make your Edmonton home’s valuable area into a damp afterthought. Smart Foundation Solutions provides a cost-effective and powerful solution to basement leaks with its interior drain system. This system is designed to stop leaks right at the source. It will keep your basement dry and functional. Interior weeping tiles […]

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