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Interior Weeping Tile Services

Do not let a leaking basement make your Edmonton home’s valuable area into a damp afterthought. Smart Foundation Solutions provides a cost-effective and powerful solution to basement leaks with its interior drain system. This system is designed to stop leaks right at the source. It will keep your basement dry and functional.

Interior weeping tiles are a structural element that prevents moisture and rot in your basement. Interior weeping tiles, or internal perimeter drains, are a way to waterproof foundation walls on the inside, as opposed to waterproofing and foundation excavation. Interior weeping tile systems are also known as perimeter drainage systems. A weeping tile is a great way to protect your waterproofing from water leaking through cracks in the foundation and a high-water table beneath the basement slab. This system will keep your basement dry and similar to the weeping tiles installed at the foundation base. It won’t affect your building and prevent a basement leak.

It is physically demanding and requires foundation, waterproofing and structural repair expertise. If you are looking to install a weeping tile interior system, it is best to hire a professional. Weeping tile systems are an easy way to improve your home’s ability to resist snow and rain. Smart Foundation Solutions has more than 30 combined years of experience and can help you make this project a success.

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