Foundation cracks can be unsettling, but they don’t have to be a nightmare. Smart Foundation Solutions is here to address even the most concerning cracks in your Edmonton home.

Cracks usually start on the exterior wall of the foundation. The cracks must be properly exposed and assessed to determine the source of damage. Poor construction sites, overcrowding or poor soil support can cause structural cracks. The foundation and concrete walls may show structural cracks that indicate a significant shift in the home’s foundation. Delay in repairing the problem can lead to more problems. Only a foundation and basement repair contractor with the necessary qualifications should be able to handle this problem.

A foundation repair contractor should fix structural cracks as soon as possible to reduce the risk of harming your family and home. The foundation cracks will affect the frames, beams and roof. You may have leaky walls, especially if your basement is damp. These signs should alert you to the possibility of a foundation problem. The size, location and the number of cracks determine the severity of a foundation crack.

We understand that foundation cracks can arise from various causes, including settlement, movement, or simply concrete shrinkage during curing. Regardless of the reason, these cracks can compromise your home’s structural integrity and value.

That’s where Smart Foundation Solutions steps in. Our team of experts can assess the severity of the cracks, identify the underlying cause, and recommend the most effective repair solution. We don’t just patch the surface; we address the root of the problem to ensure long-term stability and peace of mind.

Don’t ignore structural cracks – they can worsen over time. Contact Smart Foundation Solutions today for a free consultation. Let our expertise safeguard your Edmonton home’s value and safety.