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Full Range Waterproofing Services In Edmonton

A good waterproofing system is an investment that pays off. This is not just a coat, but an entire system. The concrete foundation of a new house can be waterproofed to make it a basement. The exterior of the foundation is coated with a waterproof coating. These waterproofing coats contain rubber polymers, which allow them to waterproof cracks within a foundation. Waterproofing creates a barrier to prevent water from getting into a basement.

Basements shouldn’t just be wet. A comprehensive waterproofing system is required, and not just a coat of paint. Smart Foundation Solutions transforms damp, unusable areas into dry, livable cellars. Waterproofing your home is the most important thing you can do to avoid water damage or cracks in your building. However, waterproofing is a process that must be done continuously. To keep your property safe from rot or mold, you will need to maintain it over time. You can maintain your waterproofing with simple actions over time. Keep your basement, drainage system, and gutters in good shape to protect your home.

In order to avoid foundation damage, waterproofing is recommended every 10 to 15 year depending on soil type and other factors. Even after the waterproofing work is completed, it’s important to continue to monitor the exterior to check for water infiltration or drainage problems. Another great way to protect your foundation is by checking the vegetation around your home. The roots of new vegetation growing too close to the structure can cause damage.

Keep your sewer drains clear of any debris to help protect your home. If you have a drain on your property, a buildup could cause temporary ponds or water accumulation that can damage your building. If you are unsure whether your home needs new waterproofing, contact Smart Foundation Solutions to get an assessment.

Our waterproofing system creates a multi-layered barrier to protect your foundation against water intrusion. Our waterproofing system uses rubber polymers to bridge cracks and provide long-lasting protection. Smart Foundation Solutions can help you unlock the full potential of your basement. Call us for a consultation today and transform your basement into an asset for your Edmonton property.