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Home Foundation Crack Repair Company in Edmonton | Ensuring Your Home’s Integrity

When it comes to a home’s integrity, one thing to consider first and foremost is the strength and durability of the foundation. However, many homeowners deal with the adversity of cracks in their foundations. A proper understanding of this will be important in the long-term health and safety of your property. As a leading home foundation crack repair company in Edmonton, Smart Home Solutions has the professional expertise and the required experience to handle such concerns effectively and efficiently.

A foundation crack is a break or fracture in the concrete or masonry substrate of a home foundation. These may range in size, shape, and severity, from the almost insignificant hairline crack to a large, penetrating fissure that is actually threatening the stability of the structure. Foundation cracks are caused by a number of factors. The most common cause is the natural process of soil settling or movement under the foundation. The ground subsequently exerts pressure on the foundation, which, if inflexible or not well-reinforced, leads to cracking. Other factors include improper drainage around the home, leading to the accumulation of water and subsequent pressure against the foundation walls, and extreme temperature changes, which lead to the expansion and contraction of the materials.

The prevention of foundation cracks begins with the way that homes are built: carefully ensuring that the foundation is set on firm, compacted soil with the use of quality materials and proper drainage. Then, it’s all about maintaining the home. Checking the gutters to ensure they are free of debris and able to flow; checking the downspouts, which route the water away from the foundation; and watching for moisture levels in the soil around the house are things to look out for in preventing those conditions from happening in the first place.

Neglecting foundation cracks means a mess of a lot of trouble. Small cracks can easily and quickly join to become larger, more damaging problems if not taken care of in good time, leading to water intrusion and an increased susceptibility to mold and mildew; eventually, a loss of structural integrity can be anticipated. In some cases, it can even lead to the collapse of walls or parts of the home or building.

And that is where Smart Home Solutions comes in. As one of the leading companies for home foundation crack repair in Edmonton, we are well aware of the regional factors that often lead to foundation problems. With over 30 years of broad experience in foundation repair, our team is competent and has the skills, knowledge, and resources to handle any big or small foundation repair job. We are locally owned and operated, so it goes without saying that we are part of the community, serving our neighbours far and wide.

What really sets how we approach foundation crack repair apart is the fact that we have designed a full assessment and strategic plan that is uniquely created to meet the needs of your home. We employ the latest technology and professional methods to implement effective and long-lasting repairs. We do everything from waterproofing solutions with injected, high-quality fissure sealants to underpinning and reinforcing the foundation wherever necessary.

We are focused not only on fixing your current foundation issues but also on ensuring that no problems arise in the future. That is why our name is synonymous with trust, quality of work, and personalized services. Home, after all, is the greatest investment, but getting it right the first time is always rewarding. Contact us, your home foundation crack repair specialists in Edmonton, today!