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In Edmonton, where the climate and soil conditions often pose challenges to the structural integrity of homes, addressing foundation and slab cracks is crucial. We, as a leading home crack repair company in Edmonton, Smart Home Solutions specialize in diagnosing and effectively repairing these common yet potentially severe issues with exceptional customer service.

Concrete cracks are often dismissed as only a cosmetic issue, which may indicate a more serious structural problem in a home. Common areas homeowners find cracks in their homes are on the foundation walls or floors in their basements. The cracks can also be found in garages, on patios, and around in-ground pools. The cracks in these areas result from drying shrinkage, thermal movement, and other environmental effects. Drying shrinkage can happen when the water used in the mixture of concrete evaporates over several months, thus causing the concrete to reduce or shrink in volume, forming cracks; meanwhile, when there is a temperature change, thermal movement happens, causing the concrete to expand and contract.

Although these cracks are likely to occur frequently, they should not be ignored. Though they might appear minor in the beginning, they widen after some time. Water often finds its way into the cracks, which promotes the weakening of the concrete and even encourages the growth of mould. Neglecting the cracks can easily, in extreme cases, undermine the strength of a building, rendering it unsafe for occupants and representing a loss in the value of an investment.

The circumstances leading to concrete cracking ought to be understood in order to prevent such problems. Homeowners may undertake several interventions that reduce potential risks, including proper draining of water far from the home foundation. One can do this easily by cleaning their gutters and downspouts and making all the land around a home’s foundation slope away so that water runs off and doesn’t pool. Other preventative measures include the use of concrete of sufficient quality and proper curing techniques during construction.

Smart Home Solutions is a premier home crack repair company in Edmonton that offers services because of the comprehensive approach we use to solve various issues. We will not only work to fix the existing cracks but also identify the main cause and mitigate it in order to avert future problems. We use the best technologies together with material methods for the best long-lasting and effective results. We seal off the cracks but also reinforce the strength of the concrete in order to avoid further changes in the state of the cracks.

Supported by over 30 years of experience and a true dedication to customer service. We know the feeling of pressure that follows the realization that foundation problems have been discovered, thus making all stages of the repair process as smooth and stress-free as possible. We take pride in being thorough, from the assessment procedure to the actual repair, to ensure all our clients get personalized services that meet their unique property needs.

By choosing Smart Home Services, you are deciding on a company based on integrity and quality. With all this assembled, our experienced team will work tirelessly to make your home regain its beauty and safety, gain back value, and give you the needed peace of mind. We have proven ourselves in Edmonton with a strong force to build customer relations so that we’re not only repairing cracks but building trust and assuring the durability of your invested money.

Our years of experience in Edmonton have made us a front-runner. We guard your dwelling from damage, protect it for the future, and maintain its value in the years ahead. Whether it is slight visible cracks or lurking hidden trouble, our team has the right solutions and know-how to tailor advice for you. Contact us today at (780) 993-1464.